I have a life time of love for horses.  As any horse owner knows things can go badly wrong at times and no matter how good or experienced you are. Most of us are open to anything that can help and make life a little easier for yourself and the horse. So this is the Eqwelli story,  the solution that drove me to believe in it absolutely, and the reason that I am now making it for you and your beloved horse.   A few years ago I adopted a mare called Arizona from the SWHP Horse Hospital in Monmouth.  She had been recovering from near starvation and neglect.  She settled in very quickly and with her gentle nature she soon became everybody’s favourite, I was so happy to see her well again.  About two years later she developed a nasty foot infection (abscess) and after farrier and veterinary treatment with antibiotics finally she had to be poulticed. This went on for weeks and weeks as every time I thought she was on the mend it would flare up again.  I was in despair as everything I tried either fell off, wore through in a matter of hours or just disappeared.  I was spending twenty pounds a day on bandages, dressings and tape - but it was not working. There was a point when the infection tracked up her leg and I thought I would loose her.  At this point I knew if I didn't do something drastic and quickly, I would loose her.  I took some measurements of her hoof and leg, found the materials that I wanted , and made her a boot. Suddenly everything changed, her foot was always clean, the poultice and dressing stayed in place, and the boot never came off.  She wore the boot for a long  time being changed every day, but I had it under control at last. The infection finally went and she recovered, along with my back and my bank balance. Since then I have made many “eqwelli's” for other horses and ponies, and It is good to know that I have at least made life a little less worrying and a bit easier in the battle against foot infections.
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Rosie Galbraith