Hoof Care
Owners know only too well that injuries and infection of the hooves, fetlock, and cannons of horses legs occur all too often.  Conditions include hoof abscesses, skin infection,mud fever,and wounds of varying severity.  Although many of these problems will heal with a minimum of veterinary treatment and / or other treatment, resolution is usually considerably enhanced  by physical protection of the affected area and in very many cases protection is a necessity.  This usually involves "wound dressings" overlain with multiple layers of bandages,adhesive tapes, and often plastic bags to provide waterproofing.  All this is very time consuming, can be difficult to apply single handed and expensive, particularly when the dressings have to be changed every day.  Water and mud appear to get in and even the very adhesive tapes can come off. The substantial long leather horse boots we used in my early years in practice were excellent, but became prohibitively expensive and disappeared,leaving us all with hoof / leg protection problems.  Particularly difficult for horses at D.I.Y livery where they can only be seen briefly at each end of the day and often have to be turned out regardless of the weather and pasture conditions.
Eqwelli Solution
A tough flexible long boot with substantial and reliable fastenings.  Easily and quickly slipped on over any wound dressing, poultice etc up over the fetlock and up the cannon.  The flexible material conforms to the leg and is quickly held in place by the straps.  Once on the Eqwelli provides robust and secure protection for the hoof, fetlock and cannon areas, enabling the horse to remain stabled  or to be turned out even onto muddy pastures.  It has stayed securely in place and has proved to be very durable both on grass and on hard stable floors.  Significant advantages are the long length, secure fastenings and water resistant material. The saving in time and the cost of bandages etc is considerable.  Various sizes ensure the Eqwelli should be suitable for all horses. Finally a warning.  When you get your Eqwelli put your horses name on it DON'T lend it to your friends for their horse, it's so useful you won't get Eqwelli back.
Graham Smith BSc BVSc MRCVS Graham joined USK after the Foot and Mouth epidemic of 1966 He has assisted in the development of the practice to its present size of eleven vets working from three centres, concentrating latterly on horse and farm animal work. For many years he has also provided advice and guidance to several local councils as an Inspector of riding schools, treking centres, livery stables, kennels, catteries and other pet establishments.
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