when your caring for a horses foot
Eqwelli is made from the highest quality Rip Stop Canvas, PVC, and Velcro. It is designed to fit easily and comfortably over a poultice or dressing and be done up securely.   It's purpose is to : Keep the poultice or dressings in place. Keep the poultice or dressings free from muck/mud and other infection. Save you time effort and energy. Save you money on expensive, bandages, and tape. Give you confidence to turn your horse out, whatever the weather. Eqwelli has the length of leg to the knee, with three straps to ensure it stays on.  When fitted correctly it will stay on even in the deepest, muddiest conditions Eqwelli is available in three off the shelf sizes, we also offer a speedy bespoke service, from the very small and donkey to the very large Shire type horse.
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EQWELLI® Products & Testimonials
My horse Sooty had a very inflamed foot and for months I was poulticing it and using yards of duck tape to keep it clean and dry.  When I bought an Eqwelli, life got so much better.  By that time I had seriously painful back problems, and being able to slip the Eqwelli on with such ease, meant a lot to me a lot to Sooty.  She moved happily around the field in awful winter weather but the foot stayed dry.  The boot never fell off and she never objected to having it put on.  She’s well now, full of cheek and a very happy horse. Mary Cousins, South Wales
Mary Cousins & Sooty
No more plastic bags, No more lost bandages, No more wasted poultices,  Just one boot, easy to put on, and actually stays on. Even in mud!   Sarah Beb    Monmouthshire
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Many thanks for the EQWELLI BOOT. It is doing a good job of keeping Capten's foot clean & dry and enabling him to be put out each day to graze and exercise. In fact he his feeling so much better that he canters about freely! The EQWELLI BOOT can be done up very securely and is so safe. Thank you for full instructions and help with correct fitting. I was in despair as to how to keep the mud & muck out of his damaged hoof after veterinary treatment & poulticing. Here is a photo of Capten, 6th day of wearing the EQWELLI BOOT (I remove the boot, change the dressing when I put him in at night). Thank you, again for all your help. Testimonial & Photograph courtesy of Mrs Delphine Guy, South Wales
Capten's recovering in a Bespoke Eqwelli Boot - Thanks to Mrs Delphine Guy